Selling a Business

Selling your business can be rewarding, but has also proven to be difficult and complex. We understand the importance of confidentiality and the value of your time. Our 11-step method is designed to achieve the highest price for your business in the shortest amount of time.

  1. Evaluation and Owner interview

  2. Exclusive Listing agreement

  3. Creation of a comprehensive “book” or presentation for prospective purchasers

  4. Seller due diligence preparation

  5. Targeted marketing & listing of business

  6. Potential buyer interview and qualification

  7. Buyer due diligence

  8. Buyer offer to purchase

  9. Buyer/Seller negotiations

  10. Purchase agreement

  11. CLOSING.

Buying a Business

Whether you are an experienced business owner who has owned multiple businesses or a first-time buyer who is intimidated by the process of buying a business, we can make the process of buying a business simple.

  1. Identification of appropriate business category/industry

  2. Arranging financing from lenders-both SBA and non-SBA

  3. Valuing your target business

  4. Due diligence

  5. Negotiating an offer to purchase

  6. Creative deal structuring using earn-outs, seller financing or other creative tools

  7. Negotiating a lease assignment or sublease

  8. Negotiating a definitive purchase agreement

  9. Closing the transaction

* Brokerage and Evaluation services provided in association with WM Bruno Business Brokerage